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Our vision is simple: to create an intimate and sustainable way for you to connect with the natural beauty of Baja California.

We believe that the best way to appreciate the breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and crystal-clear waters of Los Cabos is by Kayaking,Paddleboarding & Snorkeling. We’re committed to fostering a greater appreciation for the region’s ecology and culture, all while promoting responsible tourism.

Pablo Navarro

Pablo loves the beach, the ocean, extreme sports, nature and photography. He was born in Mexico City and began his career in tourism when he arrived to Cabo San Lucas. He started as a photographer in several tours, such as whale watching, ATVs and zip lines. Eventually, he started his own photography concession business, working with different outdoor activities companies. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, surfing, paddle boarding and snorkeling.

His degree in Sustainable Management of Coastal Areas at the National Autonomous University of Mexico led him to understand the importance of developing a fair tourism for the local communities, that takes care of natural resources and ecosystems, and that gives a clear message about how important culture, nature and society in Baja California Sur are for True Baja.

Josue Puga

Sasha Trucios

Sasha started a career in tourism in 2008 as a guide for a local tour company in Cabo San Lucas. For the following 6 years she did ziplining, rapelling and climbing through Boca de la Sierra Canyon; kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling in the most beautiful bays of Cabo; as well as whale watching tours in the Pacific and Gulf of California. 

Thereafter she worked on an exclusive residential community and club in Cabo with world-class amenities as an Assistant Manager on the Activities Department. This experience has given her a clear understanding of what type of tourism she wants to transmit to all visitors. One with the objective of developing a sustainable tourism, respectful of Nature and Communities, that contributes to the preservation of the essence of her beloved Baja.