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The Rise of Gastronomic Tourism in Los Cabos: Taco Tours

Mexico is one of the countries whose cuisine has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, and it has established itself as one of the favorite destinations for foodies around the globe.

Gastronomic tourism has grown impressively in recent years to the point where many travelers plan entire vacations around the food they can enjoy.

Baja has seen a significant increase in visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the local culture through its cuisine, and one of Mexico’s most iconic and popular dishes is tacos, a delight that reflects the diversity, culinary richness, and history of this country.

Los Cabos has an advantage over other parts of Mexico when it comes to tacos as the majority of its population comes from different states of the country. This allows for finding a wide variety of taco styles and tasting the traditional flavors from different regions, passed down through family recipes.

Two Towns: wider gastronomic experiences

Los Cabos is divided into two main areas that offer unique gastronomic experiences: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. In Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of restaurants that blend traditional and modern cuisine. On the other hand, San José del Cabo offers a quieter, more artistic environment with local markets and restaurants that focus on fresh, local ingredients. Both areas complement the culinary experience, allowing you to discover the richness of tacos in different yet equally fascinating contexts.

Gastronomic tours are one of the best ways to discover culinary gems that would otherwise be hard to find; however, they are not the only option. There’s always the choice to wander through the streets of this beautiful destination and uncover magical places that will enchant your palate on your own.

Tacos, in the search of the local taste

To ensure your quest for the best tacos is unforgettable, it’s important to consider some tips:

* First, venture beyond touristy restaurants and explore local stands and markets, where you often find the most authentic flavors.
* Ask locals for their recommendations, as they know the secret spots serving the most delicious tacos.
* Don’t hesitate to try different types of meats and salsas, and remember that tacos aren’t just about meat; there are also delightful seafood and vegetarian options.

Taco Tours

Exploring Culinary Delights

Locals often frequent specific taquerias because of the type of tacos that they make, creating staples of the local community. We can mention some of the favorite kind of tacos that you should definitely try:

* Carne Asada Tacos

Carne asada has been used in Mexican cooking for many centuries, and it has become an integral part of the traditional cuisine in many households in the north of Mexico. Carne Asada tacos became popular in the XX century, and today it has become one of this country’s most popular tacos.

Locals recommend – Carne Asada taco on a flour tortilla
¿Why this taco ? – Northern Mexico has always been one of the country’s ranching regions, making northerners experts in seasoning beef. Additionally, with the flour tortilla being a creation of the north, they make the perfect pair.
What time – Afternoon / Night

* Mexico City Style Tacos

Mexico City is renowned for its incredible cuisine, particularly as one of the country’s taco capitals. With a diverse array of options to choose from. Mexico city style taquerias truly have an option for everyone, from delicious beef and pork based tacos, to ancestral vegetarian recipes.

Locals recommend – “Campechano” taco (Mix taco half brisket & half chorizo) on a corn tortilla
¿Why this taco ? – ‘Campechanos’ are one of Mexico City’s most emblematic tacos, the tender brisket that has been cooked on its own fat mixed with the characteristic flavor of chorizo really give a meaning to the phrase: “ a pair made in heaven” or in this case, in Mexico.
What time – Night

*Birria ( Deeping Taco )

Birria or ‘‘the deeping taco” is one of the dishes with the fastest growth and popularity outside of Mexico because of social media. The history of Birria originates when Goats were first brought from Spain to Mexico. Spaniards allowed the Natives to consume goat meat believing that it was a tough meat. Regional Natives were not frightened by this “birria” and used ancient cooking techniques to marinate and tenderize the meat. Since then, it has evolved and adapted to be cooked with beef or chicken and even to be mixed with dishes from other countries.

Locals Recommend – Quesabirria with broth on a corn tortilla
¿Why this taco ? The combo of broth and quesabirria makes for a fun and delicious experience. The broth is rich and hearty and by itself is incredible, but when you dip a quesabirria filled with cheese in it, you bring out the best of both dishes.
What time – Morning

In conclusion, Los Cabos has experienced a significant growth in gastronomic tourism, especially in the search for the best tacos. Participating in this culinary adventure offers a pleasant and enriching experience that combines traditional and modern flavors in a spectacular setting. Whether exploring Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo, visitors will find a gastronomic offering that satisfies all tastes, making each meal a celebration of Mexican culture.